Policy for PrintBase & PrintHub's sellers

ShopBase, PrintBase, and PrintHub are three services developed by OpenCommerce Group, in which:
1. PrintBase Policy
1.1. PrintBase Policy
1.2. Qualifying cases in which a Seller’s order profit is not deducted and PrintBase assumes responsibility
Once an order has been fulfilled, PrintBase will directly contact the Buyer and partially or fully refund the Buyer (if necessarily) without deducting the Seller’s order profit in the following cases:
1.3. Cases in which order profit is deducted
Order profit will be deducted in the following cases (the deducted amount will be charged directly to the PrintBase Balance. If the Balance is negative, the amount will be directly charged to the credit card linked to the PrintBase Balance):
Note: Reimbursements for canceled PrintBase orders can be found here.
2. PrintHub Policy
2.1. Order processing
2.2. Order shipping
2.3. Complaints about orders
3. Notes

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