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From creating your fully-customizable store to automated customer support, PrintBase gives you the end to end solution to create & sell printed products online.

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Customized & Highly-coverted storefront

Built-in payment gateway

30+ POD products & Fast shipping

5-star customer support

Customized storefront & Free eCommerce tools

Sell your products with tiny effort and fruitful revenue impact

Have your POD store fully-optimized, and ready to sell in just 1 click. No more painful & time-consuming setting up steps.

Boundlessly customize your storefront with multiple choices of beautiful, pre-made website themes.

Powerful but free apps for effective upsell & cross-sell, abandoned cart recovery, email marketing, etc.

Protect your design from being copied with PrintBase’s watermark option.

Never worry about the slow page load time in peak seasons or attacks from DDOS when using PrintBase.

High-quality print & fulfillment service

Maximizing your profit has never been easier with our jaw-dropping base costs of some trendiest products like Basic Tee, Mug, Canvas, Shoes...

Enjoy competitive product basecost, speedy delivery, and premium fulfillment service

Partner with trusted fulfillment services in all over the world to bring the highest product quality & blazing-fast shipping time.

We use DTG printing with processing time below:

Processing time of one-side-print products: 1 to 3 days.

Processing time of All-over-print products: 5 to 8 days.

Built-in payment gateway

5-star customer support for merchant's store

Don’t have to deal with fraud or dirty payment tricks from the scams, deceitful buyers.

Stay away from payment-related troubles with PrintBase built-in payment gateway

Withdraw your profit payout only after a maximum of 3 days without waiting for customers to receive their orders.

Easily track your profit data updated right on the dashboard.

Gaining customer happiness & retention without lifting a finger

Focus on what matters to your business as marketing & branding, and let us, on your behalf, take care of all your customer issues.

Keep your dispute rates as low as possible when your buyers are satisfied and respected.

Unlike other platforms, PrintBase allows you to own and leverage all your customer data.

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The Best Products in The Best Price

Choose from 30+ custom print-on-demand products with competitive base costs, ready to serve!

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See PrintBase Product Catalog

Take big advantage over your competition with more powerful Personalized campaigns

You don't have to make personalized customizations on your own anymore. Everything is automated. Fast and easy!

Custom texts and fonts!

Custom text can be a name, a quote or even a number! Create a list of custom texts to choose or let your customer type their own text on a product!

Custom images and more!

Not only custom texts, you can make custom images as well! With custom images you can create multiple options of elements in your design!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print copyrighted images I do not own?

We do not accept copyrighted images sent to us for printing. By using PrintBase package and opting into our terms and agreements, you are stating that you are authorized to manufacture products with that design. If we recognize any copyrighted campaigns, we would remove those campaigns and cancel orders from them. If you have recently obtained the right to print copyrighted images, feel free to send us the documentation to

How are my orders on PrintBase processed?

With PrintBase, when your store has a new order, we will handle the whole process - from printing, fulfilling to shipping.An order will be fulfilled after 4-7 days depending on each specific product. After that, its status will be changed to Fulfilled and there will be a tracking number with which buyers can track their orders.

How long does it take to deliver orders to my buyers

Orders from our production are typically delivered within 5 to 8 business days in the US. International orders can take an additional 1 to 2 weeks due to transit time.

How much do customers pay for shipping?

Shipping costs vary depending on the shipping destination and the number of items a buyer purchases. Here’s how we break down our shipping prices for the U.S:

Most items are $4.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts are $6.99 for one item + $2.49 per additional item.

Mugs are $5.99 for one item + $3.99 per additional item.

For all-over-print products, there are two shipping services available: Express Shipping (5-8 days, $8.99 for one item + $6.99 per additional item) and Standard Shipping (6-12 days, $3.99 for one item + $1.49 per additional item).

In case your order includes products with different shipping fees, the first item will be the most costly one and the rest will be an additional item(s)

Focus On Selling & Scaling

Let Us Take Care Of Everything

We handle fulfillment, refunds, and even deal with your angry customers.
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