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Maximize Your Profit With The Latest Up-sell Strategies & Tools

Elevate sales, monetize your hard-earned traffic with proven up-sell strategies & the best conversion rate optimization tools by PrintBase.

Pre-purchase Up-sell

Encourage customers to upgrade the current product in their shopping cart with a top-tier one or a higher-valued item.

Post-purchase Up-sell

After checkout, your customers will be offered a tailored deal via magic Up-sell’s popup at the thank-you page to boost your overall sales!
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Product bundle

Bundle a few products or an entire collection so that your customers can mix & match items to get a discount. Boost AOV with bundled discount.
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Accessories cross-sell

Recommend items in complementary categories that share the same design or match the style with the product your customers are viewing. This technique alone can increase your AOV much better than you imagine.

Abandoned cart recovery with SMS

Recover abandoned carts with SMS - the ROI powered text marketing automation.
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Email marketing integrations

Improve abandoned carts recovery rate, reactivate lost customers and engage them throughout their lifecycle using PrintBase's Email Marketing Integrations.
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Personalize your

Gain customers' happiness with personalized products and allow buyers to visualize the final product before placing an order, which will surely boost your conversion rate!
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Conversion rate tools

Inventory countdown

Show the limited quantity of items that are left in stock on your store with stock countdown. Increase the perceived value of products & encourage buyers to make instant purchases!
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Recent sales notification

Create a sense of urgency for prospective customers & drop-in visitors by displaying recent sales on the storefront.
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Trust badges

Earn customers' trust naturally & build a genuine relationship with them by displaying payment trust badges & secure checkout badges.
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More with apps

Add new functionalities by using our partners' apps to skyrocket sales, drive your AOV, increase customer retention rates, and more.
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