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How do we work?

For those who already have a ShopBase store

PrintHub will help Print On Demand (POD) sellers quickly customize and create products, import them to storefronts, and fulfill orders automatically.

Synchronize all products from your ShopBase store to PrintHub

PrintHub will be connected to your store once it is set up. Your products can be directly designed on the app and all the data will be synchronized with your store.

Create new products and add them to your store

You can create your products easily using your own designs, customize product description, and instantly add those products to your online store.

Automatically handle PrintHub orders and update daily data

If your customers buy products designed by PrintHub, those orders will be synchronized with the app so you can manage the orders on PrintHub.

In case you use another platforms

You can still easily use PrintHub fulfillment service through CSV - as long as the printed products are in the catalog.

Grow your business with ouradd-on service

FBA/FBM fulfillment

We provide end-to-end Print-on-Demand fulfillment solution for sellers selling through Amazon FBA/FBM

No minimum quantity required & you can customize your designs every shipment!

Fast lineship, FBA goods guaranteed to arrive at Amazon warehouse after 3-5 working days.

Products made in Vietnam / US / China with competitive base cost & high quality.

Support branding such as printing product tags, packaging...

US warehouse stocking service

When you subscribe to the US warehouse stocking service, you will not have to worry about the business being affected by cut-off or out of stock, especially during the busy year-end season.

No MOQ required for each stock.

No worry about cut off.

Increase customer satisfaction.

The operating costs is only from $2/item.

Risk-free with our Compensation Program

We commit to providing you the tracking number within 10 days since the order was paid. Otherwise, we will compensate you relevantly based on the order value and delay time.

Compensation amount
11 days
10% of order value
12 days
15% of order value
13 days
20% of order value
14-15 days
25% of order value
16+ days
100% of order value
Note: The order will still be processed & shipped as usual.

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No, you just need to set up 1 ShopBase account, then choose fulfillment only through the following steps: ShopBase Dashboard => Setting => Account => Upgrade plan => Only want to fulfill orders => Confirm new plan.

We can ship to all countries from our factory & distribution centers in Vietnam, the USA, Europe, & China.

In case you have orders for products that are not created by the PrintHub app, you can still import your orders to fulfill on the PrintHub app through a CSV file. They can either be ShopBase orders or orders from any other platform as long as the printed products are in the catalog.

When the Private deal program is enabled for your user account, the bonus will be calculated based on the number of sales in the next 30 days. To enable the Private deal program, please contact our customer support via the signup link above. After 30 days, we will calculate your total bonus and send it to your account after 7-10 working days.